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       What is DIGI HOUSE MEDIA?        

DIGI HOUSE MEDIA is an international performance marketing agency. We help our affiliates monetize traffic and we provide a full range of brand promotion services to advertisers.

       How do I make money with DIGI HOUSE MEDIA?        

In a nutshell, here’s how we work: you promote offers posted on our platform using a unique ID link. When a user clicks on your link and performs a target action, you get a payment. The target action (otherwise referred to as a conversion) is defined in the offer details. You can promote offers in a variety of ways: using your own website, Google ads, Facebook, etc.

       Which verticals does DIGI HOUSE MEDIA work in?       

We work in the verticals of iGaming, Sports, Dating, Sweepstakes, Finance, Games, eSports and many others.

       What countries does DIGI HOUSE MEDIA work with?       

We work with affiliates from all over the world.

       How do I register with DIGI HOUSE MEDIA?       

To join us, fill in this form. The more details you provide about your experience, the better the offer we can make you!

       Do you provide guidelines for beginners?      

Yes, we do. We have prepared a detailed guide for working with the platform. You should also check out our Knowledge base. It contains manuals and case studies.

       How does the DIGI HOUSE MEDIA support team work?       

Support specialists respond as quickly as possible, typically within an hour. You can contact support by accessing the ticketing system from your personal account.

       What information can be provided by a personal account manager?       

Personal account managers are assigned to trusted DIGI HOUSE MEDIA affiliates. They provide all the necessary information about offers and payments and help affiliates grow and scale.

       How can I become a trusted DIGI HOOUSE MEDIA affiliate?       

A trusted DIGI HOUSE MEDIA affiliate is a publisher who attracts high-quality traffic on beneficial terms. There are many bonuses available for trusted affiliates, such as increased rates, a personal account manager, free creatives, and much more.